The Best Is Yet To Be

My hobbies include tormenting this robot character I made up that was programmed with complex emotions and the ability to feel pain.

I can’t decide if my part bug part human alien character should also be part amphibian.

I’m gonna go eat chocolate Lucky Charms at 5am, be dissatisfied, and try to find an answerable question for my Sketch & Tony blog.

Seeing the person who played Matilda twitter “DENTAL PLAN” just made my night much happier.

I do hope that the WOY shippers who get defensive when others try to speak out and voice their non-attacking opinions on shipping realize that they are just alienating the people speaking up even more.

Do you dislike Veggietales or the redesigns?

Veggietales was the bane of my existence when I was like 4. I am no fan of it in general.

they’re not just veggietales. they’re veggietales…in da house

Tiny men who are the beleaguered assistants of a man-child with too much power continue to give me joy.

"It certainly isn’t a heart. Do you suppose it’s a club?"

"It certainly isn’t a heart. Do you suppose it’s a club?"

judging by how youre a huge alice in wonderland nerd , what is ur opinion on the american mcgees alice games?? :O

Never played it. Not a fan of darker Alice adaptations. I don’t know if the gameplay and whatnot is fine, but I’m not a fan of the style.